Code of ethics

Consult Code of Ethics

At Coca-Cola FEMSA we know we must put our cultivated values into practice to achieve our mission of satisfy and please the beverage consumer through excellence. Acting with respect, honesty and integrity, and being governed by the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate is an essentialpart of our corporate culture.

The Coca-Cola FEMSA Code of Ethics is the basis of our corporate behavior and the foundation of our policies, procedures, and guidelines. It has been approved by the Board of Directors, which has also authorized its issuance and continuous updating, which is necessary due to changes observed in thebusiness environment.

Updating this code allows us to strengthen trust in our directors, employees, investors, customers, suppliers, authorities, and communities. The Coca-Cola FEMSA Code of Ethics formalizes in a single document our ethical principles, unifies criteria, and establishes a common frame of reference that guides us to always act in a comprehensive manner.

It is a useful work tool that helps us make the right decisions in accordance with our values. I invite everyone who is part of the Coca-Cola FEMSA family to read and continuously consult our Coca-Cola FEMSA Code of Ethics. It is also very important to report any irregularities observed.

I know I can count on your support, enthusiasm, and commitment to continue creating success stories and strengthening Coca-Cola FEMSA’s reputation.

Kind regards,

José Antonio Fernández Carbajal
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coca-Cola FEMSA