Message to our investors

This year highlighted our business’s resilience, adaptability, and agility. In these unprecedented times, our resilience was evident in our company’s ability to protect the safety and wellbeing of our people, while delivering accelerated results across all of our strategic fronts—from portfolio management and digital transformation to milestones in sustainable development—highlighted by our issuance of the first ever sustainability-linked bonds in the Mexican market.

Consistent with our strategy, we are further adapting and reshaping our company to thrive in the new global business environment. Together with The Coca-Cola Company and the Coca-Cola System in Brazil, we redesigned our distribution partnership with Heineken. This agreement enables us to continue our relationship with Heineken as a key partner, allowing us to serve the Brazilian market with a customer-centric portfolio of premium, mainstream, and economy brands and affording us the flexibility to further complement our portfolio. To this end, we acquired Brazilian craft beer brand Therezópolis, and we agreed to distribute Estrella Galicia’s beer portfolio in Brazil.

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