Our Management Team

Aligned with our purpose to refresh the world anytime, anywhere, our experienced management team is inspiring a business re-evolution to achieve our vision of becoming today the Company we want to be tomorrow.

Underpinned by KOF DNA, they’re leveraging our strengths to guide our accelerated business growth and re-evolution, and to achieve our long-term strategic priorities. Empowered by their example, we aim to not only consolidate our leadership position in the global beverage industry, but also adapt and reshape our company to thrive in the new global business environment—guided by our renewed vision and purpose.

Ian M. Craig García

Chief Executive Officer

Gerardo Cruz Celaya

Chief Financial Officer

Catherine Reuben Hatounian

Corporate Affairs Officer

Antonio Díaz Caneja Guillen

Chief Human Resources Officer

Gabriel Coindreau Montemayor

Strategic Planning Officer

Nicolas Bertelloni

Growth Officer

Rafael Ramos Casas

Supply Chain and Engineering Officer

Ignacio Echevarría Mendiguren

Digital and Technology Officer

Aitor Ocejo Zubizarreta

Chief Operating Officer Latin America

Washington Fabricio Ponce García

Chief Operating Officer Mexico

Eduardo Pereyra Méndez

Chief Operating Officer Brazil Division