Our Operating Model Transformation

According to our strategic framework, we continue to transform our operating models, designing, developing, and deploying best-in-class models, initiatives, and practices across our operations, enabled by digital processes, technology, and innovation. Consequently, we are creating a sustainable competitive advantage, built on next-generation strategic capabilities across our value chain.

Through our company’s digitally driven business transformation, our vision is to deploy a demand-driven integrated supply chain, utilizing advanced analysis, big data, and artificial intelligence to provide personalized service to our clients and consumers.

Additionally, we strive to take advantage of the insights generated by our integrated sales and marketing platform to design customized business models that maximize and capture the value generated from every client segment. 

We further strengthen our relationships with the communities with which we interact, contributing to our ability to serving the market while maintaining our social license to operate. This way, we become an agile organization, capable of adapting to ever-changing environments and generating sustainable growth.

By developing our commercial, supply chain, and manufacturing capabilities, we also generate operational efficiencies and savings, drive innovation, and foment talent development throughout our organization.