Our Sustainability Strategy


At Coca-Cola FEMSA, we define sustainability as the continuous, simultaneous generation of economic, social, and environmental value and wellbeing, and we fully integrate and embed sustainability as a foundational pillar of our Strategic Framework that guides our business decisions to achieve constant, profitable long-term growth. 

This way, our sustainability strategy is based on three overarching pillars: Our People, Our Community, and Our Planet, this strategy guides us in accomplishing our mission to positively transform our communities, supported by our Ethics, Values, and Collaboration

Our People

We promote the development and quality of life of our employees through an integral wellness model.  This model positively influences their workplace environment, enabling them to work in the same direction, achieve our expected business results, enhance and improve our position as a total beverage leader, and live our core beliefs and principles every day.  

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Our Community

We further reinforce our relationships with the communities with which we interact, contributing to our ability to serve the market and maintain our social license to operate.  Above all, this enables us to become a more agile organization, capable of adapting to ever-changing environments while generating sustainable growth.

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Our Planet

At Coca-Cola FEMSA, we ensure sustainability is fully embedded throughout our day-to-day business operations. Thus, we strategically, efficiently, and responsibly address environmental and social challenges that arise across our value chain—from clean energy use to responsible waste management, community development, and safety. 

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