Our Community

Healthy habits

As part of our commitment to our communities social wellness, we promote healthy habits, encouraging people to combine proper nutrition with physical education and activity throughout all stages of their lives.

In order to diminish health issues that can affect our communities quality of life, we generate comprehensive solutions in collaboration with governmental entities, the private sector, civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through multi-sector partnerships.

Responsible marketing

As part of our commitment to our consumers wellbeing, our advertising adheres to The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Responsible Marketing Policy and Global School Beverage Guidelines.

We strictly follow and enforce our policy not to target advertising of any products to children under the age of 12. We also encourage the industry to advertise responsibly, pushing for commercial-free classrooms. In this and other ways, we emphasize our commitment to the healthy habits of our consumers.


We encourage our employees and their families development as responsible citizens, committed to their community, society, and the environment, we promote initiatives that enable us to positively impact the quality of life and wellbeing of the communities where we operate.

Our volunteer activities committed to six causes:

  • Community development
  • Environment
  • Natural Disasters
  • Health
  • Education
  • Human Rights

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Community Development

Based on our principles of collaboration, we develop stronger relationships with our communities for their social wellbeing, striving to build trust and to ensure the commitment of all parties involved. In this way, we consolidate positive relationships with each one of them. 

To achieve systematic and standardized relationships with our communities, we developed a management model with five sequential steps that form the foundation for our community engagement plans. These plans include various measures and mitigation activities to reduce our operational footprint, as well as social programs aligned with our communities local risks and needs.

At Coca-Cola FEMSA we recognize the diversity of countries and communities where we operate, therefore, we develop activities that enrich them, aligned with their local needs.

Sustainable sourcing

As part of our commitment to social wellbeing, we strive for sustainable sourcing, where each of our suppliers cooperate to minimize their social and environmental risks over which we have no direct control and can have an impact on our value chain. To this end, we follow certain guidelines that reflect the standards that guide our daily activities in order to ensure we offer responsible workplaces that protect human rights and comply with environmental regulations.

Our Sustainable Sourcing Strategy is comprised of five steps:

  1. Category prioritization.
  2. Sustainable procurement.
  3. Evaluation.
  4. Capabilities Development.
  5. Recognition.