This is the story of our Sales Force

No terrain too big.  No terrain too small.

We’re here to hand you that world-famous bottle.

The truth is our jobs can be pretty demanding.

«I think the challenges would be to ensure that we meet the demand of all accounts that we handle, like supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, with branches nationwide. They have their own peculiarities. So at the end of the visit, we need to ensure that we were able to satisfy them; At the same time, we were able to meet the Company’s goals» – Laarni Flanco, Special Market Executive.


«Four us Pre-sellers, we have 80 outlets a day.  So I make a way, which is to ride a motorcycle.  Even the delivery truck drivers, I become close with. So that’s the most challenging role, I always make sure that even if it’s hard, I always give them a smile. That’s really what I can give. It’s payback for you working everyday, every hour. You would truly say: Thank you. Thank you very much» – Loryn Sinco, Pre-seller.


«It’s so fulfilling to know that every time our loyal customers visit, they can find Coca-Cola products in every store that they go to.  For their dinner, for snack, for lunch, in every celebration, Coca-Cola is there with them. The truth is, we become close with the outlet owners.  They make us godparents of their children.  They invite us to occasions, like fiestas or family occasions» – Neil Orosio, Sales Excecutive.


«The most challenging for me is to wake up early in the morning. I go with the Pre-sellers during their scheduled visits to the outlets… be it sunny, rainy, flooding, or muddy, anywhere. Wherever there’s a sari-sari store, wherever there are customers, we go to them» – Neil Orosio, Sales Excecutive.coca-cola-femsa-salesman2

We are the sales force.

We are part of the makers and sellers of the drink that brings people together.

Because here’s the truth: We are more than the Coke you Know.

We make ways to make sure there’s a bottle of Coke

to every store, to every home.

We are the ones that get up at five

walk on twos to reach countless stores by sundown.

We’re the ones who reach places you didn’t even know existed.


It’s an amazing job. No, aaaah-mazing, aaah-venture !

And tomorrow. We’ll do it all over again.

What we do is not at all easy. But you see, what we go through.

We definitely grow through. And that’s rewarding.


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