Start a career at Coca-Cola FEMSA with YPP

Develop professional skills and leadership capabilities at Coca-Cola FEMSA.

The Young Professionals Program (YPP) is the ideal opportunity for you to start a career at #KOF.

We are looking for university students and recent graduates who wish to belong to the great Coca-Cola FEMSA with YPP.

Working at Coca-Cola FEMSA is the dream of many young people. With the Young Professionals Program, we train newly graduated college students to become successors to key positions in our organization.

YPP Bootcamp at Coca-Cola FEMSA

We seek to attract and develop leadership, talent and innovation in a multicultural environment.

Coca-Cola FEMSA YPP – The skills you will be focusing on:

Emotional intelligence: The management of emotions, empathy and assertive communication are essential to be a motivated collaborator. To be capable of negotiating, resolving conflicts and building healthy interpersonal relationships; inside and outside the work environment.
Teamwork: The key to maximizing performance is to integrate strengths, share responsibilities, add actions and incorporate diverse perspectives.
Commercial awareness: Overview of the business landscape. Understand the context in which our particular industry develops (customers, competitors, partners and suppliers) for better decision making.
Customer service: customers today understand that they are entitled to the highest quality service, so understanding the customer, procuring their loyalty and expanding existing deals are major challenges.
Problem solving: tools for the study and delimitation of a problem, analysis of its components, setting objectives and developing a series of steps to achieve a goal.
Our personalized development plans strengthen the leadership, functional and technical competencies of each collaborator, adjusting to their learning style.
They consist of critical experiences through work, feedback, accompaniments, mentoring and coaching, as well as training, courses and certifications in person or online.

We are leaders in the beverage industry thanks to the talent and commitment of our people, which is why we complement the attraction of talent with opportunities for constant development within the company.

These are some of the reasons why many young people dream of a career at Coca-Cola FEMSA with YPP.

If you also want to be part of our family, join the Young Professionals Program experience. Send us your information: [email protected]

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