Recovery of Los Patos Wetland in the municipality of Tocancipá, Colombia.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia seeks to protect and take care of wetlands through environmental actions.

Environmental studies of Los Patos Wetland in the municipality of Tocancipá was sponsored by Coca-Cola FEMSA.

Coca-Cola FEMSA is committed to provide economic, social and environmental development in the communities where we operate. The purpose of the “Wetlands Sponsor Plan” is to know the conditions of the ecosystem, in order to provide the best options for its recovery and maintenance.

Coca-Cola FEMSA work colleagues at Los Patos Wetland. Tocancipá, Colombia

Among the activities of the “Wetlands Sponsor Plan” we achieved the excavation of two water mirrors, delimitation of the wetland through the installation of an adequate enclosure, elimination of the feet of Cyperus Papyrus, waste recollection, planting of trees and educational workshops for the community.

Planting trees at Los Patos Wetland. Tocancipá, Colombia.

“The sponsorship of Los Patos Wetland is framed within the commitment of Coca-Cola FEMSA to generate economic, social and environmental value.” Silvia Barrero, Legal Vice President and Corporate Affairs of Coca-Cola FEMSA.

With the help of the communities around the wetland, important information was given for those who live nearby, for the care and protection of “Los Patos” Wetland. Information on native species was granted, as well as the type of plants indicated for planting and the proper way to collect the waste.

Workshops with community at Los Patos Wetland. Tocancipá, Colombia.

“The commitment is of the entire community of the municipality of Tocancipá to protect, defend and care for the wetland and its surroundings” Marithza Martin, president of the Community Action Board of Los Tilos Park.

All these actions gave positive results in the area, protecting 3 hectares of land in the wetland and planting 3,638 trees. These actions will provide a better quality of life for the human population, the flora and fauna of this beautiful place.
The work carried out has been able to demonstrate a healthier, preserved and organized landscape. The birds and ducks are better observed, as well as the plants. Visually the landscape is cozy and bad odors have been reduced by a large percentage.

Wetland bird.

It is very important for the CAR Cundinamarca to encourage social and environmental responsibility to the companies that work in its jurisdiction. The development of this type of projects increases the participation of the private sector in the communities, which is a task that can hardly be developed through the government by its own.

Family of Coca-Cola FEMSA at Los Patos Wetland. Tocancipá, Colombia.

“The results lies in the commitment and contribution of Coca-Cola FEMSA to the improvement of the environmental conditions of the territory” Ronald Ayazo, consultant of the CAR.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia has been involved in the transformation of the communities where it has presence. It is worth emphasizing that due to the willingness of the community that contributed to the protection of this resource, the project had positive results for everybody.
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