Meet the Capitals & Company Engagement of Coca-Cola FEMSA.

Our Integrated Strategy is oriented to generate value to all our stakeholders considering our priorities, capitals and risks.

Capitals and Company Engagement

Human Capital: Our people and the way they work together are our company’s most valuable assets.

Human capital, Coca-Cola FEMSA.

Accordingly, we encourage the comprehensive professional and personal development of our people, while creating an inclusive, diverse, and safe work environment. Through our continuous talent management and development, we promote trust, transparency, and teamwork, prepare our next generation of leaders, advance meritocracy, recognize and celebrate our teams’ success, while providing them with honest, regular feedback.

Leadership at Coca-Cola FEMSA.

In this way, we look to attract, retain, and develop the best multicultural talent to ensure our sustainable success.

Financial Capital:

Our financial and operating discipline, strong capital structure and financial flexibility, powerful brands and distribution system, transformational digital initiatives, and adaptability to changing market dynamics enable us to capture organic and inorganic growth opportunities in our industry, while creating sustainable value for our investors.

Natural Capital: Our business is committed to the responsible use of our natural resources.

As the main ingredient in our beverages, our comprehensive water strategy focuses on ensuring efficient water management in our operations, facilitating access to safe water and sanitation in our communities, and implementing water conservation and replenishment projects to protect the environment.

Water conservation by Coca-Cola FEMSA.

We also work to increase energy efficiency across our value chain, while integrating clean and renewable energy to reduce our carbon emissions. Aligned with The Coca- Cola Company’s “World Without Waste” global initiative, we continue to focus on comprehensive and responsible waste management, increase our use of recycled materials in our packaging, and participate in schemes and models that support post-consumption collection and recycling.

Comprehensive and responsible waste management at Coca-Cola FEMSA.


Manufacturing Capital:

Through our highly experienced team of specialists, we operate 48 bottling plants and 306 distribution centers across 10 countries.

Manufacture, Coca-Cola FEMSA.

We deliver approximately 3.3 billion unit cases of beverages through a primary and secondary feet of 12,641 trucks to 2 million points of sale and serve a population of 290 million people annually.

Distribution, Coca-Cola FEMSA.

Social and Relationships Capitals:

Our communities and other stakeholders are key enablers of our business success.

KOF Volunteers.

Accordingly, we are committed to creating economic, environmental, and social value by encouraging dialogue and continuous interaction with our neighbors and stakeholders in order to develop and implement programs and initiatives that address their particular needs and guarantee the continuity of our social license to operate.

Intelectual Capitals:

We are accelerating our digitally driven business transformation throughout our value chain— designing and deploying a demand-driven end-to-end strategy encompassing our digital manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and commercial models.

Digital Transformation, Coca-Cola FEMSA.

We are further capturing the insights from our powerful analytical platform to develop tailored business models. 

Tailored business models at Coca-Cola FEMSA.

By building our critical capabilities, we are creating a stronger, more agile, and flexible organization to drive our competitiveness, proactively address industry challenges, capitalize on market opportunities, and foster intellectual development across our organization.

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