Coca-Cola FEMSA reopens Senior Notes and issues US$350 million in the international capital markets

Mexico City, Mexico – Ja M anuary 13, 2 2014 – Coca- -Cola FEMSA S.A.B. de C.V. (BMV A, e V: KO NYSE: KOF) (“Coca OF; K a-Cola FEMS SA” or the “C Company”), th largest fra he anchise bottle er of Coca-Cola products in th world, anno f p he ounces the reopening of th U.S. dollar he r-denominated d 10 0-year bonds and 30-year bonds that w were placed on Novembe 19, 2013 ( er (the “Origina al Se enior Notes”) in the interna ational capita markets.

Th Company successfully reopened its bond issuanc to increase the total prin he ce e ncipal amoun nt to US$2.5 billion (in three tr ranches), plac cing an additi ional US$150 million for 10-year bonds 0 at a yield of US Treasury +107 basis p U + points, with a coupon of 3 3.875%; and an additiona al US$200 million for 30-year bonds at a yi n ield of US Tre easury +122 b basis points, w a coupon with n of 5.250% (the “Additiona Senior Not f e al tes”). The Co ompany’s 10 0-year bonds now have an n ag ggregate princ cipal amount of US$900 million and 30-year bond now have an aggregate t ds pr rincipal amou of US$600 million. The Additional Senior Notes have the sam CUSIP and unt 0 e me d the same coupo as the respective Origin Senior Not on nal tes.

Th proceeds will be used fo general cor he w or rporate purpo oses, including partial debt refinancing.

Th press relea does not constitute an o his ase c offer to sell o the solicitat or tion of an off to purchase fer wi respect to the Addition Senior Not or other s ith nal tes securities, nor shall there b any sales of r be o the Additional Senior Notes in any juris s sdiction in wh hich such off solicitatio or purchase fer, on wo ould be unla awful prior to registration or qualifica o n ation under t securities laws of any the s y jurisdiction. Th Additiona Senior No he al otes have bee issued pu en ursuant to th Company’s he Re egistration St tatement on Form F-3 (No . 333-187275 previously filed by the C F 5) Company with h the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Comm a e n mission”). The Registration Statement is n ef ffective. Copi of the ap ies pplicable pro ospectus supp plement and accompanyin prospectus ng relating to the offering ma be obtaine when ava ay ed ailable by co ontacting Citi igroup Globa al Markets Inc. at 800-83 M 31-9146; or by visiti r ing the Co ommission’s website at a

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