Coca-Cola FEMSA announces stock split and listing of shares in the form of units

Mexico City, Mexico, January 31, 2019 – Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V. (BMV: KOFL; NYSE: KOF) (the “Company” or “KOF”), the world’s largest public bottler of Coca-Cola products by sales volume, announces that it held an Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting (the “Shareholders’ Meeting”) today, that resolved the

  • An eight-for-one stock split (the “Stock Split”) of each series of shares of the Company;
  • The issuance of Series B ordinary shares with full voting rights;
  • The creation of units, comprised of 3 Series B shares and 5 Series L shares, to be listed for trading on the Mexican Stock Exchange (“BMV”) and in the form of American depositary shares (ADSs) on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”); and
  • Amendments to the Company’s bylaws mainly to give effect to the matters approved in paragraphs (i), (ii), and (iii), described above.

As part of a thorough and disciplined long-term planning process, and aware that the existing capital structure of Coca-Cola FEMSA has limited capacity to issue Series L shares, we proposed to our shareholders a stock split and the issuance of Series B shares to be listed together with Series L shares in the form of units, to allow the Company to increase its capacity to issue new equity, which may be used as consideration in future share-based acquisitions, as well as for general corporate purposes ”, said John Santa Maria Otazua, Coca-Cola FEMSA’s Chief Executive Officer. He added: “It’s important to stress that these adjustments do not change the percentage of ownership currently held by the Company’s shareholders; in addition, the Series B shares comprised in the units will provide additional voting rights to minority shareholders. We will continue to leverage on a disciplined approach to capital allocation and we feel confident that the listing of Series L shares and Series B shares in the form of units will help unlock value for our shareholders and position Coca-Cola FEMSA for new growth opportunities.

Subject to the approval of the Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission (Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores or CNBV), after giving effect to the Stock Split, KOF’s units (each representing 3 Series B shares and 5 Series L shares) will trade on the BMV, and KOF’s Series L shares will no longer trade individually on the BMV. KOF’s units will trade on the NYSE in the form of ADSs (each representing 10 units). The Series B shares will have full voting rights, while the Series L shares will continue to have limited voting rights. Holders of Series L shares previously trading on the BMV will receive one unit in exchange for one Series L shares, and holders of ADSs trading on the NYSE will hold ADSs representing 10 units in lieu of 10 Series L shares.

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