10 KOF leader attitudes to face daily challenges

We aim to develop 10 key attitudes or attributes among our organization’s current and future leaders, to foster our vision of inspirational leadership, while addressing the challenges we face every day,

KPS, the Innovative Human Resources Management at Coca-Cola FEMSA

#KOF Leader Attitude 1

#KOF Leader Attitude 2

#KOF Leader Attitude 3

#KOF Leader Attitude 4

#KOF Leader Attitude 5

#KOF Leader Attitude 6

#KOF Leader Attitude 7

#KOF Leader Attitude 8

#KOF Leader Attitude 9

#KOF Leader Attitude 10

We encourage inspiring leaders—who reward and recognize our people while fostering collaboration across all levels of our company.
Through our continuous evolution, we are creating a strong, unified corporate culture, founded on the cornerstones of leadership, talent, and innovation.

We are more than the Coke you know
This is the story of our Sales Force
The story of our Warehouse and Plant team

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