Meet KOF Philippines by The Numbers

The largest bottler of Coca-Cola® products in the world is here in this country, and is here to stay.

When we established our operations in the Philippines following the acquisition of what was then Coca-Cola Bottlers, we wanted to bring to Philippine shores our legacy of generating economic, social, and environmental value for everyone who comes in contact with our business.

We invested in our product portfolio, in a new route-to-market model across the country. And invested in increasing our manufacturing capability across the country, spread across practically every corner of the Philippines.
Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines plays a significant role in driving employment opportunities. As we strive to be the best employer in the Philippines, our total employee base is rising above 10,000 people.

Take a look !

Are you a young professional seeking for new job opportunities,

this may be of your interest: YPP Bootcamp at Coca-Cola FEMSA

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