KOF’s ‘Coordinates for Life’ program lands in Siargao, Philippines.

‘Coordinates for life’ is a life skills program in Asia and Latinamerica.

KOF Philippines reaches now a locality about 800 kilometers southeast of Manila.

Siargao, known for its coastlines and massive waves that attract surfers across the world, is also home to Del Carmen*. It is a little town dotted with mangroves and lagoons, with the occasional cluster of houses. Within this community is Numancia Elementary School, the new site of Coordinates for Life (CFL).

Coordinates for Life in the Philippines sprung forth from the belief that our children are the nation’s biggest source of hope,” says Juan Lorenzo Tañada of Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines. “If given knowledge, nutrition, and support both at home and in school, their potential might well be limitless.”

Since its local launch, the program has directly helped 2,380 students and 1,056 parents, guardians, and educators.

The children were taught games that showed them the value of teamwork and respect.

Letting kids and parents become the best versions of themselves.
Two Saturdays a month, a CFL school hosts workshops for people in the community requiring the buy-in and participation of students, educators, parents, local government officials, and private sector partners.
In one of the single-floor classrooms of Numancia, parents engaged in workshops covering “six important life decisions,” namely, education, friends, dating and sexuality, addiction, self-worth, and family. After the sessions, the parents swear by the effectiveness of the program.

The parents of the kids from Numancia Central Elementary School shares stories as they work on a  presentation for their CFL class.

The kids on the other hand are treated to a series of activities that enable them to meet new friends and learn some valuable lessons on teamwork and kindness.

The children of Numancia Central Elementary School in Del Carmen, Siargao, pose with their Coordinates for Life completion certificates.

Local success and synergies.
The Philippine partner for the program is Teach for the Philippines.

The Teach for the Philippines team assigned to Siargao.

“TFP is an ideal partner for us” adds Tañada. “Their goal to provide all Filipino children with a relevant and excellent organization has great synergy with our goals for this project. They have the expertise, the national network, and the energy to make sure that the program is implemented properly.”
Clarissa Delgado, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Teach for the Philippines, feels the same way about their partnership with KOF-PH.
“One of the things CFL teaches children is the value of teamwork—and we hope that our partnership with Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines through CFL is proof of how much can be done when great, like-minded teams work together,” she concludes.

*Del Carmen is a Fourth Class municipality, meaning that have obtained an average total revenue of five hundred thousand pesos or more but less than one million pesos per annum.

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Environment and Education are at the forefront of Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines.
Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines continues tree-planting tradition.
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