The first multigeneration plant for energy and CO2 is working just fine at Tocancipá Colombia.

The first multigeneration plant for energy and CO2 in Latinamerica, is located in the municipality of Tocancipá, Colombia.

Coca-Cola FEMSA’s new multigeneration plant for energy and CO2 facility, is part of the more than 60 plants worldwild, including the 7 in Colombia. It is based approximately 40 kilometers north of Bogotá in the FEMSA Industrial Park.

The plant works with 40% less water and nonrenewable resources than the others around Latinamerica. It uses light and natural ventilation, collects rainwater and 50% percent of the containers, are done with recycled resin from Colombia.

Inside the bottling factory, Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia.

The station supplies carbon dioxide as well as nitrogen, electricity, refrigerated water, compressed air and steam for the production process. Additional carbon dioxide will be available for the local market.

Providing safe, reliable and sustainable solutions.

This plant includes a whole package of innovations in technology, energy, environment and social matters.
The importance of not sparing on innovation and resources translates in the the best products guaranteed for the costumers. 

“The investment made for this project is a clear sign of our commitment and confidence in Colombia, its institutions and the free zone governance.” Gabriel Coindreau Montemayor, President of Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia.

Press conference Coca-Cola FEMSA

“The model used by FEMSA has been replicated in several Latin American countries” Daniel Arango Angel, Deputy Minister of Business Development of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism of Colombia.

The social benefit is clear by the creation of 300 direct employments and 500 indirect. The indicators of Coca-Cola FEMSA employees are the best in terms of efficiency, productivity, energy savings and resources.

Tour at Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia bottling factory.

Coca-Cola FEMSA’s plant can generate 5.5 megawatts (Mw) of electricity, equivalent to the consumption of more than 5,000 households. Also the carbon footprint in the plant will be reduced by 50%. Currently, the energy we consume does not contain C02 (carbon dioxide), which is a great waste because it is extremely efficient and friendly to the environment. The 50 tons of CO2 produced per day exceeds the needs of this FEMSA headquarters. So, part of it will be transported to supply the bottling factory located in Fontibón (western Bogota). The remaining surpluses will be commercialized by Air Liquide for companies involved in the process of food and industrial uses.

Colombia, Latin America’s fourth largest economy

Coca-Cola FEMSA in cooperation with their partners, seek to make Colombia one of the largest economies in Latin America. The country shows growth potential supported by a robust industrial and manufacturing activity, a rapidly expanding economy and abundant natural resources.

The investments in the country will continue, besides the work that is done with the government. We have been working hand by hand with several organization to build programs focused on social development of Colombia. One of the most relevant is, the recovery of “Los Patos” wetland in the municipality of Tocancipá. Around US $ 1 million has been invested in this initiative.

Recovery of Los Patos Wetland in the municipality of Tocancipá, Colombia.

Coca-Cola FEMSA work colleagues at Colombia bottling factory.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia will continue generating economic, social and environmental value around the ratio of actions.

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