Coca-Cola Femsa Introduces Its First Integrated Report

Mexico City, March 9, 2018 – Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V. (BMV: KOFL, NYSE: KOF) (“Coca-Cola FEMSA” or “Company”), the largest public bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world in terms of sales volume, presented today its Integrated Annual Report 2017, entitled “Integrated Transformation.”

In its first integrated report, Coca-Cola FEMSA discusses the global context for its business’ vision, providing both a financial and nonfinancial perspective of its strategic priorities, including accelerating revenue growth, boosting sparkling beverage growth, increasing the scale and profitability of its still beverage business, expanding its dairy and vegetable protein-based beverage platform, advancing its operating model transformation, and attracting, retaining, and developing the best multicultural talent.

Relevant Highlights of Coca-Cola FEMSA’s Integrated Annual Report 2017

  • Total reported sales volume increased by 16.1% to 3.8 billion unit cases, with 25.9 billion transactions. Total revenues grew 14.7% to Ps. 203.8 billion. Operating income increased 9.4% to Ps. 26.2 billion, and operating cash flow increased 11.4% to Ps. 39.5 billion.
  • Strengthened its winning multi-category beverage portfolio, comprised of 12 categories and 169 leading brands, of which 41% are zero or low-calorie beverages and 31% contain vitamins, fibers, minerals or food supplements.
  • Benefited more than 1.6 million people through its healthy habits programs.
  • Accelerated transformation of its operating model through commercial, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics initiatives.
  • Achieved savings of US$37.7 million from environmental efficiencies in water, energy, and packaging.
  • Returned 100% of the water used in the production of its beverages to the environment in Mexico, Brazil, Central America, and Colombia.
  • Supplied 38% of the electricity for its bottling plants’ globally from clean sources, reaching 57% in Mexico and 100% in Brazil.
  • Recycled 94% of the waste generated in its manufacturing processes and used 21.2% of recycled materials in its PET packaging.
  • Benefited more than 420,000 people through its community development programs, while more than 57,000 employees and their families participated in volunteer activities.
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