This action was taken after two months of criminal harassment towards our employees in the absence of law and order.

Coca-Cola FEMSA ?s top priority is the safety of the more than 160 employees who work in this region.

Mexico City, March 23 rd 2018. – Coca-Cola FEMSA announced that, consistent with its fundamental objective of preserving the security and safety of its employees, the Company decided to close indefinitely its operations in Ciudad Altamirano, Guerrero, Mexico, beginning March 23, 2018.

The Company’s decision puts the safety of its more than 160 employees who work at its distribution center ahead of any other interests. The current lack of the necessary conditions to efficiently and safely operate within this part of the State of Guerrero, as exemplified by the recent unjustified assault on one of its employees, led the Company to make this decision.

Coca-Cola FEMSA strongly rejects any violent action against its employees, their families, and the communities where it operates. The Company regrets that, as a result of the prevailing absence of law and order, it must close its distribution center in a territory in which Coca-Cola FEMSA has operated for more than four decades, generating economic and social value for the Company’s customers, consumers, community, employees, and their families.

This year, Coca-Cola FEMSA’s employees at its distribution center in Ciudad Altamirano have received constant threats and acts of aggression from organized crime.

Consistent with the Company’s principles, Coca-Cola FEMSA reaffirms its commitment to operate according to a culture of legality.




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