Environment and Education are at the forefront of Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines.

The first visit to the Philippines on official business, was made by the Corporate Affairs Director of Coca-Cola FEMSA.

Education took center stage in the itinerary along the communities.

Recently, José Ramón Martínez, Corporate Affairs Director of Coca-Cola FEMSA, made his first visit to the Philippines on official business. One advocacy took center stage in his itinerary: sustainability. KOF’s shared journey with the communities is the integral aspect of environmental, education and well being.

Margarita Delgado and José Ramón Martínez at the Teach for the Philippines office.

“Our advocacies in the Philippines have to do with education and environmental consciousness. Coca-Cola FEMSA is always thinking how to help nurture generations of kids. Children that take care of water, recycle, and know about proper nutrition. The best vehicle to do this is education. This, we believe, is a natural part of the journey to progress, all together” JRM.

Teach for the Philippines, is a NGO whose vision is to provide children access to relevant and excellent education; a perfect match with our initiative Coordinates for Life which provides tools to orient families about values. By partnering, we are sharing this journey with the community and with like-minded organizations.

The Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines team. And representatives of the Fort Bonifiacio Development Foundation at Gat Andres Elementary School.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines’ Invaluable Contribution to Gat Andres Elementary School in Taguig.
Martinez’s trip to the Philippines also took him to Gat Andres Elementary School in Taguig. The school is one of the primary beneficiaries of Fort Bonifacio Development Foundation’s Adopt A School Program.
KOF-PH agreed to sponsor the construction of the school’s guidance office and clinic. Martinez visited the school to inspect the donated facilities. And to meet and interact with some of the teachers and students.
*KOF Philippines

“If you saw this place just a few years ago, it was just a lot of unused land. There has been a huge improvement, thanks to the help of stakeholders and the Taguig local government. KOF-PH has been a huge help to us” Felix Alviar, the school’s principal.

Martínez emphasized that this is another initiative of KOF-PH towards sustainability.

“We are working to give our small part in a big journey to improve education. This is one of the major ways for us to help the Philippines” José Ramón Martinez, Corporate Affairs Director.

The KOF Team and Margarita Delgado of ‘Teach for the Philippines’.

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