Message to our investors

Underscoring a year of transformation and capability building, we continued capitalizing on our industry’s potential to produce positive results while navigating dynamic environments.

Thanks to our ongoing transformation, we are developing the capabilities to win in a world marked by rapid changes. Thus, we embarked on our Fuel for Growth strategy to create an even leaner, more agile organization focused on our customers and consumers. This multi-year journey aims to strengthen our organization through new ways of working, strive for efficiency with best-in-class capabilities enabled by digital technology, eliminate redundancy, and ensure our sustainable business growth.

As part of our strategy, we are unifying our organization under one vision to become an undisputed total beverage leader with sustainable, profitable growth; one platform to ensure our teams work as a cohesive unit to create sustainable value for our stakeholders; and one future to maintain our flexibility to evolve together with our consumers and customers.

Guided by our obsessive consumer focus, we are consolidating a winning total beverage portfolio to satisfy evolving tastes and lifestyles. We are fostering sparkling beverage growth by leveraging portfolio innovation and affordability, while driving our low or no-sugar beverage portfolio ahead of consumer trends. Additionally, we are improving our competitive position in still beverages, and amplifying our water portfolio to establish consistent leadership across this growing category.

As part of our Fuel for Growth journey, we functionalized our finance, supply chain, and human resources operating models to create a leaner service organization that leverages our company’s scale to drive our operations’ sustainable, profitable business growth.

Underpinned by KOF DNA, we are building a collaborative customer and consumer-centric culture founded on operational excellence, agile decision-making, an owners’ mentality, and always placing our people first.

Moreover, we are accelerating our digitally driven business transformation. After rolling out our KOFmmercial digital platform (KDP) across our traditional trade channel, we deployed KDP throughout Brazil and Mexico’s modern trade channel. In Brazil, we further expanded our first mover advantage across food aggregators and digital channels, while successfully piloting our omnichannel entry capability.

Finally, we continue to make important progress on our sustainability goals. Notably, we collected more than 50% of the bottles that we put into the market, well positioned to achieve our 2030 commitment of collecting 100%. We used 23.7% of recycled materials in our PET packaging, on track to achieve our 2020 goal of 25%. We improved our water use ratio to 1.52 liters of water per liter of beverage produced, on track to achieve our 2020 goal of 1.5 liters. Impressively, 71% of our manufacturing operations’ power comes from clean energy sources, up over seven times the past five years.

Guided by our holistic strategic framework, we navigated a challenging macroeconomic environment to deliver positive results for the year. Our total sales volume increased 1.4% to 3.37 billion unit cases, with transactions growing 2.5% to 20.2 billion. Total revenues grew 6.7% to Ps. 194.5 billion. Operating income grew 3.0% to Ps. 25.4 billion. Operating cash flow grew 4.8% to Ps. 37.1 billion. Importantly, controlling net income reached Ps. 12.1 billion for earnings per share of Ps. 0.72 and per unit of Ps. 5.76 (Ps. 57.60 per ADS).

Our resilient Mexico operation achieved strong top-line growth, despite uncertain macroeconomic conditions. Our portfolio innovation, affordability, and commercial initiatives enabled us to generate price-mix improvements and deliver 8.1% revenue growth, while our ability to drive cost and expense efficiencies resulted in margin expansion.

In Central America, we delivered solid top-line growth, driven mainly by the strong performance of our Guatemala and Costa Rica operations. Our ability to capture synergies from new territories, expanded distribution platform, and improved point-of-sale execution enabled us to achieve outstanding volume growth in Guatemala.

Despite slow macroeconomic growth, our Brazilian operation continued its impressive turnaround, generating strong volumes that built on two years of continuous growth. Importantly, this growth is leading to market share gains across our key beverage categories, driven by our relentless consumer focus, robust portfolio, and point-of-sale execution.

After a complicated start to the year, we’re encouraged by our Colombian operation’s turnaround over the second half of 2019, driven by our efficiency, coverage, and portfolio initiatives. In Argentina, we adapted our portfolio to remain close to our consumers, driven by our affordability strategy.

We seamlessly consolidated our Uruguay operation. Beyond exceeding our estimated synergies, we improved our volumes and margins, driven by increased production efficiency and market share gains in the sparkling and still beverage categories.

Finally, consistent with our disciplined approach to capital allocation and commitment to generating shareholder value, our Board of Directors agreed to propose an ordinary dividend of Ps. 4.86 per unit to the Annual Shareholders Meeting. This proposal represents an increase of 37% versus the previous year, reflecting the strength of our free cash flow generation and our confidence in Coca-Cola FEMSA’s solid financial position.

Moving forward, our overarching strategic priority is to become the best option for our customers and consumers in all of our markets—creating and fulfilling their demand anytime, everywhere.

On behalf of our employees, we thank you for your continued confidence in our ability to deliver economic value and to generate social and environmental wellbeing for you all.

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