User-centric mobile solution that empower our sales force with best-in-class hand-held functionalities, including faster order entry, a two-way targeted initiatives module, dashboards, and 360° customer data.

We consider strategic suppliers all our partners that have a direct involvement in the drink in your hand.

They present our minimum expectations regarding how good and services suppliers and vendors manage key sustainability areas.

Supply chain is a network between Coca-Cola FEMSA and its suppliers to produce and distribute its portfolio to the final client. This network includes different activities, people, entities, information, and resources.

In Coca-Cola FEMSA, this term is understood as the simultaneous generation of economic, social and environmental value through responsible and consistent business practices that allow us to positively transform our environment. Also, create initiatives focused on the availability of drinking water in our communities, as well as proper management of waste and recycling, development of processes and friendly packages to the environment, and finally, reforestation and minimization of energy use in our value chain and mitigation of the effects in climate change.

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